Caught in Traffick

Freya Barrington's previous book, 'Known to Social Services', gave us a frighteningly realistic insight into the harrowing world of the child protection social worker. Based on her own experiences, the book was a revelation and occupied the number one spot for social work books on Amazon UK within weeks of release and went on to win the autobiography/biography/memoir section of the 2015 London Book Festival and received an Honourable Mention at the 2016 Paris Book Festival.

Freya’s latest novel, 'Caught in Traffick' is the sequel to 'Known to Social Services', and continues the story of social worker Diane Foster. Set mainly in Thailand; Diane and her partner Ethan are on a working holiday, blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking against the beautiful backdrop of white beaches and glorious monuments. When four-year-old Darcie Taylor is abducted from a crowded beach, Diane and Ethan find themselves sucked into the horrifying world of child trafficking. When Darcie’s abduction is followed closely by the kidnap of another child, there can be no doubt that a well co-ordinated gang is operating in the area. A chance meeting with the Director of Social Services Nicholas Bishop leads to a shocking revelation about the man who is still Diane’s most senior manager. Together, they become embroiled in a dangerous web of subterfuge and corruption, where organised crime syndicates and depraved sex offenders engage in a desperate battle of wits against those dedicated to their downfall. Trapped within this labyrinth of immorality are the children, who are sacrificed on the altar of greed and perversion for financial gain. With the gang’s tentacles reaching across to England, Diane is shocked to find herself faced with some old adversaries. With gripping twists and turns, hair-raising rescue attempts and heart breaking tragedies which leave you in despair; 'Caught in Traffick' will open your eyes to the disturbing underground world of child trafficking.

Caught in Traffick was awarded an Honorable Mention in the General Fiction Section of the 2016 London Book Festival.

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My Latest Novel

My Latest Novel

Saturday, 11 July 2015

More great comments and reviews for social work novel; Known to Social Services

My new book, Gozo; Is the Grass Greener? Is due out any time now which is really exciting. However, my debut novel, Known to Social Services (known as KTSS in some forums), published by Faraxa Books, continues to attract positive comments on social media sites. Here are a few;

* Thanks to JW for buying me the 'Known to Social Services' book by Freya Barrington. Started chapter 4 at 1.30ish & then couldn't put it down - just finished the whole book!!. I now have a neglected husband and greyhound!!!, kitchens a tip and no idea what we are having for tea!!. Definitely a recommended read!, can't wait for the next one J.L.

Loved KTSS.. very helpful for me as a NQSW . I am very intrigued about the ending... when can we expect a sequel :)? K.D.

Recently finished @freyabarrington'Known to Social Services' - a great teaching tool as it deals with sw processes, frustrations & people A.B.

* I am on Chapter 22 I really like the way you bring all the characters together it really opened my eyes to what Social workers are up against well written. F.R.

* I just wanted to let you know that I've read your book whilst in Tenerife!! What a fabulously written novel. You social workers are remarkable people doing a tough job in a society where people just look for blame. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and genuinely can't wait for book 2!!! Well done you! E.P.

* Started reading known to social services by the great Freya Barrington can't put it down!! F.R.

* Hi my friend H wants to tell you your book is excellent. She finished it at 1:45 this morning (H isn’t too good on the Internet) H.G.

* I've just read this very powerful book. It's a must read! It's emotional, shocking, scary and horrific in parts but I promise you won't be able to put it down. J.H.

* Finished your book last night it was fantastic, wish it had kept going forever I just did not want it to end. Just fascinating well done you. V.B.

* Read a book yesterday from cover to cover in one sitting, bet you can't guess what it is called. I thoroughly enjoyed it, makes you realise just what effect the media can have the public's opinion. A brilliant story, well done Freya. E.S.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my new career as an author :)


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